EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Services

This description of our services is also EPRO's slogan and motto that determines our thinking and acting. We are a service company that has not only chosen EMS as its motto but also makes it come to life when servicing our customers. It is important for us that this attitude is clearly sensible for our customers.

In this regard, the how is just as important as the what.


Elegant and smart solutions are to exceed your expectations on our services in the area of electronics.

We listen and care for our customer's requirements. We manufacture and produce with a comprehensive understanding of your own individual requirements. For this, we offer the full range of concept and design solutions, enterprise resource planning including procurement and storage, production using the most up-to-date production technologies, examining and testing with AOI testing equipment, in-circuit test devices, function test equipment and much more.

We cooperate in projects and interact with our contacts and we support our customers prior to and after delivery of our products. We help them reach their goals: Friendly, swiftly and competently.
We are your partner for outsourcing. We take over the full manufacturing process for electronic assemblies, devices and systems. We provide sophisticated testing concepts and offer our competence in logistics and after sales service. To make it short, we are your partner when it comes to high-quality service, quality and quality assurance (QA), short lines of communication and close personal care.

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